StoreItPro now supports links between categories

We are pleased to announce the release of StoreItPro version 2.3. This release has focused on adding the ability to link between categories in various different ways.

- Use a category to populate a pick list for a field.
- Use a category to auto-fill the values for a field.
- Or follow a link between categories to browse through linked category details.

In addition to these changes, the following other improvements have been made:

- Additional filters for starts/ends with text and checking if value is set or not.
- Text based operators for joining text together and extracting values from text.
- Date based operators for adding different periods to dates or times and calculating the next anniversary of a date.

The latest version of StoreItPro is available immediately from the AppStore.

In parallel with this release of StoreItPro, a new release of StoreIt standard edition has been made that includes the additional filtering criteria on text and whether values are set or not, as well as including reported bug fixes. This update is also available from the AppStore.