Sharing with Others

Whether they are populated with data or empty, it is possible to share your categories with other users. All you need to do is save the category via the StoreIt WiFi Link and send it to them or if you have StoreItPro you can send it directly via an email. When sharing, you need to make sure the same versions of StoreIt or StoreItPro are being used otherwise the shared category may not be able to be loaded into the other device.

If you want to share an empty category with other users then you might want to consider creating it as a Template which can then be used to create other categories.

Finally, in StoreItPro it is possible to protect the definition of a category by setting up an admin password. Select the Setup icon on the main screen’s tab, then select the Admin Password option and enter the password you want to use.

Now edit the category you want to protect and select the category name to display the Category Details screen. Because you have setup an Admin password you are now given the Admin Only Edit option to select.

From now on, each time you try to edit the category you will be asked for the admin password. And, if you share this categories with others then they won’t be able to edit the category without the admin password.