Send Data via Email

The standard way to save and synchronize data with StoreIt is through the StoreIt WiFi Link as outlined in this faq. However, if you are not able to connect to WiFi but want to backup your data to keep it safe then StoreItPro provides a method of doing this by sending your data in an email.

You can access this functionality through the StoreItPro Link screen. On this screen tap the Send icon that appears at the bottom of the screen. This will then display a list of options. Selecing the Full Database Backup will create an email containing the full database backup as an attachment. If you select one of the other options then you can choose the categories that you want to be attached to your email as either backups or text files.

Once your choice has been made an email is created and you can choose where to send the email and make any other changes that you need.

It is also possible to send individual records with StoreItPro if you want to share some details with a contact. In this case you need to open the item you want to send and then tap the Send icon on the bottom toolbar. This will then construct an email which you can edit as required before sending.