Save Text File with UTF8 Encoding

Text files are stored using different character encodings. These often depend on the operating system that is running on the computer that you generated the text file. The StoreIt import process will try to understand the encoding of the file you are loading, but this is not always possible. Or it may complete the import, but some of the characters may not have been interpreted correctly (likely to be special characters, accented letters or other non-English text).The safest way of dealing with this problem is to make sure that your text is saved using the UTF8 encoding.

On a PC you can do this using the Notepad application. Open the file in Notepad, you then need to save using a UTF-8 encoding so any special characters are treated correctly. You can do this by selecting Save As from the File menu. In the Save As window, you are given the option of the Encoding that you want to save the file as. By default this says ANSI, you need to change this to UTF-8 before doing the save.

If you are on a Mac then you can do the same using the TextEdit application. After the file is opened, select Save As and in the Plain Text Encoding box select Unicode (UTF-8).