Compare StoreIt Editions

Here’s a guide to the features you will find in StoreIt and StoreIt Professional Edition.

StoreIt StoreItPro
Create, Edit and Delete Categories
– From Scratch
– Using Template
– Copy Existing Category
– Password Protection
Field Types
– Text
– Number
– Date/Time/Date & Time
– Image
– Note
– Nested Category
Field Formats
– Email Address
– Web Address
– Telephone Number
– Map Location
– Money
Field Constraints
– Select From Pick List
– Required Field
– Number/Date in Range
– Conditional Display
Calculated Fields
Category Links
– Category as Pick List
– Auto-Fill Fields
– Link to Category
Add, Edit and Remove Items from Category
Browse through Items in Categories
Auto-completion on data entry
Application Links for Email, Web, Phone and Maps
Category List
– Display multiple fields in list view
– Sort list view on multiple fields
– Filter items in list
– Display count or total summary in view
– Create multiple views on list
Full Text Search
– Search for words or phrases
– Search all fields
StoreIt Link
– Connect to StoreIt from Desktop Web Browser
– Save backup
– Restore backup
– Import data from text file
– Export data to text file
Links to Support Email and Website