Whether you’re a bird watcher or rail fan, a lover of wild plants or fine architecture, WhereWhatWhen allows you to log your sightings directly onto your iPhone™ or iPod® Touch.

Features include:

  • In addition to fields for recording the Where, What and When, you can store photos and long field notes recording the full details of your observation.
  • Entering data couldn’t be quicker, with auto-completion available to avoid repetitive typing.
  • Ability to edit your records after the initial entry, so you can go back and enter more detailed notes once you are back in the comfort of your own home.
  • Using your home Wi-Fi connection, you can export the data you have collected in text format onto your desktop computer to upload to your own database.
  • Full backup and recovery of your data is also supported.

So car enthusiasts and trackers of wildlife, fishermen and plane or train spotters, try WhatWhereWhen today!

Built on the StoreIt information management application platform.

Available on the iPhone App Store