StoreItPro is a powerful forms and mobile database tool built for the iPhone™ and iPod® Touch that allows you to create databases to access and record your information wherever you are.

Some examples of the databases you could use StoreItPro to build are:

  • Invoices
  • Bill Management
  • Expenses
  • To Dos
  • Employee Vacation Records
  • Insurance Inventory
  • Sales Data
  • Timesheet Recording
  • Mileage Logs
  • Travel Information
  • Customer Management Information
  • Support Visits
  • Project Tracking

Pre-built templates included for all of the above and more. Easy to use and customize. Or if you don’t see what you want then create your own.

Whether for individual use or sharing across your business, with powerful features such as nested records, field constraints, conditional fields and calculations across fields and records, StoreItPro is the ideal tool to help you to run your business on the move.


StoreIt Professional Edition shares and extends the features of the Standard Edition of StoreIt. It shares the following features with StoreIt.

  • Ability to create categories to store as many different types of information as you like.
  • Create categories using pre-built templates, by copying existing categories or defining a new custom category.
  • Multiple field types, including text, numbers, money, dates and times, checkmarks, notes and images.
  • Fields can even include other categories enabling StoreIt to hold almost any type of structured data.
  • Password protection available for categories containing private data.
  • Automated links to appropriate iPhone applications when accessing email, web, telephone number and location formatted data.
  • Create multiple views on your data which, as well as supporting different display, sort and summary values, includes the ability to filter the data displayed in each view.
  • Full text search supported across all stored fields.
  • Auto-completion for text fields enabling fast data entry for repetitive values, or define pick lists that enable you to specify a pre-defined list of values to choose from.
  • Use the web browser on your desktop computer to link to StoreIt via your local Wi-Fi network connection.
  • Import and export data via the StoreIt Link to text file format, enabling moving data from other apps or desktop databases held in programs such as Excel.
  • Backup, restore and share information via StoreIt Link.

StoreIt Professional has the following additional features.

  • Support for specifying required fields that need to be filled in for a form to be completed.
  • Constraints on numeric and date/time fields to ensure values are entered in the correct range.
  • Create fields that are only displayed if conditions are met on earlier fields in the form.
  • Calculated fields enable automatic filling in of values using the results of calculations on other fields.
  • Calculations can be based on other calculated fields, enabling complex values to be generated.
  • Hidden fields allow partial results in calculations not to be shown.
  • As well as field level calculations, aggregate operations such as count and total can be performed across nested records.

For a detailed comparison of the features available in both editions of StoreIt take a look at our FAQ.

Available on the iPhone App Store